The widespread use of internet has given rise to a number of social media apps meant for sharing one’s views and information across the globe. At times, these platforms are used to manipulate for negative purposes as a teenager in London has been sentenced on sharing IS propaganda on the largest social media platform – WhatsApp.

According to reports, Iftikhar Ali aged 19 was accused of sharing propaganda of Islamic State (IS), a terrorist organisation also known as ISIS involved in warfare in Iraq, Syria and other Middle East territories. Ali was 17 when he got involved in social media activities of IS and started sending extremist material from his smartphone.

Although, the accused refused spreading terrorist document titled “Oh Islamic State You Light the World” but he was found possessing more documents potentially to be used for act of terrorism on investigation. However, he claimed that he had that content on his mobile for research purposes.

Iftikhar Ali – the Accused

But in trial, Ali was found guilty of all those charges and Judge Mark Dennis QC ruled the case against him, hinting towards the potential harm of keeping such content. The judge said in his remarks, “The young and impressionable are particularly susceptible to such propaganda.”

Judge also said that Ali would have been booked for at least five and a half years in the jail if he had been an adult at the time of the offense. The judge reduced the terms of the imprisonment due to his young age to three and a half years.

This should be taken as a piece of warning for others using social media and becoming part of false propaganda.