Daily Archives: July 15, 2017

Facebook, the leader in Social Media platforms, has officially announced to cross 2 billion monthly users. The journey that started in 2004 has gradually connected the world in a manner that it can now influence individuals, businesses and global politics more than any other entity that currently exists. Following is what Mark Zuckerberg had to […]

WhatsApp, the preferred instant messaging app for millions of people worldwide, has just rolled out another update enabling users to share all file formats. Earlier, users could only send audio, video, documents, images and GIFs file but now users can share any file type using WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp has barred the size limit on how […]

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) celebrates its 30th anniversary of operations in China in a remarkable way. To make this achievement more memorable, KFC brings limited edition of Huawei Enjoy 7 as KFC Smartphone. Features The phone is equipped with a 5-inch LCD display panel with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels; not the […]

The government of Punjab has launched a number of projects in a vision to digitize the records and public interest systems. The latest news revealed that the Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department is all set to introduce Automated Registration Cards replacing the vehicle registration books in the province. Although the project was announced two […]

If you were fan of Windows-based smartphones ever, this could be disappointing to know that the start of the end of Windows phones has begun. Yes, we are right to say ‘the start of the end’ as Microsoft has officially announced to stop the support services for Windows phones running on Windows 8.1 OS. AdDuplex, […]