QMobile – Quality Mobile, is the largest selling smartphone brand in Pakistan, this is what the company claims. On the other hand, we don’t have any metrics to measure or confirm this claim. The company started their business 7 years ago, in 2009. They have established display and business centres all over the country where after sales warranties can also be claimed.

QMobile did start their business with a slogan to provide quality mobile phones at affordable and reasonable prices to the people of Pakistan. With the introduction of smartphones, the local brand also shifted their focus from feature phones to Android ones. Masses showed keen interest mainly because majority of them can’t afford high-end devices. This is perhaps the prime reason of popularity of QMobile.

While there is an intensive flow of international manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Apple in Pakistani market, QMobile has competed all of them over the years. Let us see some basic reasons why QMobile has been successful in getting popularity among Pakistani customers.

Local Brand

As we know that QMobile is a local company based in Karachi and people feel comfortable having business with the local brand. This is also true that QMobile has no real competitor whom we name as the Pakistani or local brand; the monopoly playing its role.

Some people do think, and we think they are right, that buying QMobile will ultimately boost country’s economy as your money will not go out of Pakistan. Here comes the patriotism in play.

Affordable Pricing

As we indicated earlier, majority of Pakistani people are living on limited means and they really can’t afford high tech and high-end devices from Samsung or Apple. QMobile is the only company that is offering, somehow, quality products at reasonable prices. There is a chance for everyone to have a smartphone in one’s hands.

Trendy Designs

The local boy of Pakistan is always there to bring high tech trends from international market to their smartphones. People attract to the same specs being offered by international players in the local brand and that too not being a burden on their pockets.

Quality Features

As far as features are concerned, despite QMobile seems to be compromising somewhere, users get quality features in their hands. This is one of the reasons why QMobile brings affordable price tags to their products. If we compare features with Samsung we must also consider the price tag as well.

Fair Resale Price

It is a common trend in Pakistan that people do think about resale of any product before going to buy it. So is the case with smartphones as the new models are flushing to the market every day. People go for the new one but what about the old one. Luckily, QMobile has managed to make a name for itself when it comes to resale price. You can sell it anywhere, to any mobile dealer at very feasible price.

Final Words

We have listed five reasons why QMobile has managed to write a successful story in the market. There may be a lot more like aggressive marketing and extensive TV ads but we have focused some basic aspects. You may add or delete at your own.

Let us know what you think about our views by writing your comments in the comment section below.