If you are a frequent traveller and need to be in touch with your clients and family members on the go, OnePlus brings a handy option for you. The Chinese brand has added OnePlus Roaming feature in the latest update – OxygenOS Open Beta 7. You need not to have a local SIM card, instead go through simple steps (listed below) to enjoy data on your OnePlus handset.

Although OnePlus claims that the OnePlus Roaming will work in “most countries” but availability hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, therefore we don’t have a list of countries for now. Moreover, the Roaming is limited to data only and you won’t be able to make calls.

How to Use OnePlus Roaming

The OnePlus users can access the OnePlus Roaming features by going into Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet -> OnePlus Roaming. Users will have to buy a package for the region they are in. As mentioned earlier, OnePlus hasn’t shared the official list of the countries and regions supporting this handy feature (at least at the time of writing these lines).


If you feel handicapped with making calls, the option of using IM apps like WhatsApp are there to have a remedy for you. The setup is also pretty simple, just buy the package and start using data then and there.

Only for OnePlus 6?

Here comes the real con for the OnePlus Roaming option as the feature is OnePlus 6 specific (as of now) and only available in OxygenOS Beta 7. However, it is said to arrive on the OnePlus 6T in the next few weeks. We still don’t know whether OnePlus 3/3T and OnePlus 5/5T will get the feature.

To get OxygenOS beta, users have to flash a separate ROM. Refer to this page for instructions on how to flash the ROM. If you already have a beta ROM flashed on your OnePlus phone, all you need to do is check for a system update from Settings.

Other than OnePlus Roaming, the beta update adds a Video Enhancer that configures colors for an improved viewing experience. There are also other smaller features like app drawer configuration that lets you choose a preferred SIM card for contacts and groups.