Uber, a popular ride-hailing service in Pakistan, has added another useful feature to their app enabling commuters to add multiple stops on their way to destination. The Uber Multiple is an excellent way to add maximum of three stops on your way. Need not to tell anything to the Driver to move around.

The company ensure that multiple stop feature will add more transparency on the fare for both riders and drivers. Uber said in a statement:

“So whether you’re picking up friends en-route or heading home from a night out, it’s easier than ever to ride together,”

How to Add Multiple Stops

In order to use UberMultiple, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Uber App
  • Tap “Where to?” and then “+”
  • Add maximum of three locations where to stop
  • Request your ride


The app enables you to add or remove any of your stop whether on your way or just before riding. The app will update and notify your driver for the changes in real time; so you can sit back and relax.

Of course, passengers should expect to pay more for these multi-stop trips, as Uber calculates its fares based on a route’s total time and distance. However, Uber asks you to stop at any location for not more than three minutes.