Although smartphones have occupied the entire space of mobile phones market leaving no space for feature phones but HMD Global continues to introduce revamped versions of all-time favourite Nokia feature phones.

Nokia 3310, being the first of the series, got immense response from old Nokia fans that really forced the company to introduce the refurbished version of Nokia 8110 4G along with top-notch Android devices at the MWC 2018 earlier this year.

Nokia 8110 4G – Features

The mobile phone has the same sliding cover that became popular back in 1999 when it was portrayed in the hit movie “The Matrix”. It is also said a “Banana Phone” for its sliding cover made up of bright yellow colour.


HMD Global has affixed a 2.4-inch QVGA panel on the front that seems to be decent enough to meet your daily needs. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 chipset and 512MB of RAM stands out to be the massive upgrade when compared with the old little guy of 90’s.

The Nokia 8110 4G features 4GB of native storage to meet user’s data needs while a 1500 mAh battery unit is also there to keep the lights on. Last but not the least, there’s also a 2MP camera on the rear to capture beauty around you.

Interestingly, the Smart feature OS that runs the mobile phone also supports Google Assistant and 4G connectivity. As for apps, there’s FM-Radio, Google Maps, Search, Facebook, and Twitter – and of course, the popular Snake game.

Nokia 8110 4G – Pricing and Availability

If you were looking for the ‘Banana Phone’ that appeared in the hit movie ‘The Matrix’, it seems that your wait is over as the Advance Telecom has officially listed the Nokia 8110 4G on its official website making it available for Nokia fans in Pakistan. Click here to purchase the one for you for Rs. 9,500.