An iPhone explodes and catches fire in a mobile repair shop in Las Vegas. This has been revealed in a CCTV footage of the repair shop that dates back to Friday last week. An employee can be seen working on the bench and tries to move away from the device that accidentally explodes and catches fire.

Although it is difficult to identify the affected device as the footage is not much clear but KTNV, an ABC affiliate, that broke the news on media claims it was an iPhone 6S. However, fire was extinguished by itself after a few seconds with no casualties or damage reported.

The store is reportedly specialized in phone repairs, but apparently, this was a device that was suffering from significantly more than just a cracked screen. Indeed, it would seem that in some cases, a damaged mobile device can be a fire hazard.

It is not the first incident of exploding or catching fire with iPhone devices as we’ve seen an iPhone battery exploded in China when a customers had a bite earlier this year. Likewise, two iPhone devices reportedly caught fire in two days while replacing the aged batteries in January.

Not to mention that no smartphone is safe from being exploded as the mishap may result due to excessive heat or defective battery units. For instance, Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, met a nightmare of exploding Galaxy Note 7 in late 2016 that resulted in a global recall of approximately 2.5 million defective handsets.

It is, therefore, suggested that mobile phones must not be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures for long time. If you keep this simple trick with you, it will ultimately result in the extended battery life.