Android 7 Nougat – 7 Salient Features

Android, the most popular smartphone operating system with over 1.4 billion active users around the globe, has rolled out the latest version – Android 7 Nougat to its Nexus and Android One devices. It was back in march when the new Android was first released in Beta version but it is now officially released.

Earlier this year, when Google asked masses to suggest name of the Android 7, countless number of suggestions were arrives and finally Google named it is “Android Nougat”. The new operating system is equipped with more than 250 high-quality features, 1,500 unique emojis, multi-tasking support and much more.

Android Versions

Nexus and Android One Release

Initially, the owners of Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G (Android One) are able to download the latest Android. Soon, the company will roll out Android Nougat to other major Android devices.

My Android One

I am using General Mobile 4G and it has been updated to Android 7 Nougat last month with recent security patch. Such patches are regularly being released for Nexus and Android One devices.

Main Features

Let us have a look into some of the main features Android 7 Nougat is bringing for you:

Multi Window

This feature will allow the users to run two apps side by side or up and down, with the resizable window accessible by dragging the divider. As the smartphones are now crossing 6-inches mark, this feature will surely be welcomed by the Android users to utilize the big screen in an efficient manner.

Direct Reply

Android N has revamped the notifications on your screen with a fresh pattern that makes the notifications even more refreshing and stimulating. You will be able to respond to a text or chat directly from the notification window.

Quick Setting

This particular feature of the Android 7 Nougat will allow an easy access to Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet, Bluetooth and Flashlight with just a swipe. Not only all the essential shortcuts are in the notification bar but now you can even change the icons order as per your requirement.

Multi-Locale Support

The new Android allows its users to select multiple settings and can be used by apps to modify their content. It will be handy for bilingual users, for example search engine results could be modified to display the result in all the languages selected by users.

Enhanced Battery Life

If you remember, Android introduced a new feature last year as Doze
that saves the battery when the phone is lying idle. Android 7 Nougat has update Doze and now it works even when you are using the phone.

Direct Boot Mode

Android 7 Nougat has introduced a new Direct Boot Mode in that the phone runs in a secured mode while it is powered up but not when unlocked. It means that apps don’t run while the phone is being powered up. This feature will not only allow faster start-up but, at the same time, more secure in the event of rebooting.

Apart from that other security features include seamless updates which will allow quicker software update in the background and encrypted based file

Better Performance

The new Android comes with a cross-platform API for 3D graphics feature known as Vulkan. This makes efficient use of the multi-core processor for gaming and other activities so that users can expect a tireless performance boost.



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