Google released first minor update of the latest Android Oreo OS (Android 8.1) in early December last year that added a new security patch and enabled the Pixel Visual Core. However, nobody noticed a bug that was introduced in that particular update and more surprisingly it doesn’t appear to have been fixed since it was discovered more than a month ago.

Android 8.1 Causing Swipe Issue

A thread was started on Google’s Support Page titled “Android 8.1 Issues” on December 7th where a user shared an issue related to swiping features of his Pixel 2. According to his experience, the swiping up on the lock screen to enter the PIN was not working and it required to swipe multiple times before going all the way up.

Sooner, many other users joined the thread mentioning similar issues with their Pixel devices. People pointed out that it is not only the swipe up was facing problem but at times swiping away to clear a notification on lock screen responds similar behaviour.

Some users have mentioned that they are even facing problems when trying to answer or decline phone calls. It requires multiple tries before completing the gesture completely. One of my friends has also become victim of annoying swiping issue with his Pixel 2.

It is quite disturbing to know that it is not only Pixel but Nexus devices running on Android 8.1 are reported with the same issue on Reddit and Google’s support page. On the other hand, Google has done nothing but they are just ‘looking into this’.


What to Do?

Although the issue seems to affect both the first and second-generation of Pixel and Nexus smartphones but only a relatively small number of users seem to have come across the bug. It may be that the problem is user-specific and might be triggered by third-party factors.

However, if you have come across the issue, simply navigate to your phone’s main setting menu and head to ‘About phone’ and ‘Send feedback about this device’ sections to provide your feedback to Google in order to fix the bug.

Keep visiting these pages as we’ll share as and when Google brings a remedy to it.