Google is all set to release its new version of Android OS – the Android 8 or Android O. The tech giant has planned launch event to be held in New York City on Monday, August 21. If you want to know exact time, I should say the same moment when NASA will live stream the solar eclipse; that is 2:40 PM ET (11:40 PM PST). Google has also planned live stream of Android O Launch Event.

Prominent Features of Android O

Google launched Android O Developer Preview few months back. The great software update would start with the Pixel line up of smartphones. The new software is coming with a variety of new features. Android O have boosted Artificial Intelligence with Enhanced Security. Here are some prominent features of Android O:

Notification Shade: In Android O, there is a little re-ordering of the toggles. Moreover, it also takes up a little more space on-screen.

Notification Handling: As for notification handling, the new software has come with some advancement. If you long press on a notification you’ll see a toggle for Notifications.

Quick Setting: New version of Android provides better quick setting. When you open up the Quick Settings screen, you’ll see we still have different color schemes for the Pixels compared to Nexus devices.

App Badges: Android O provides native support for app badges. With this feature, app icon will show you your unread notification count etc

keyboard Navigation: This feature will allow you to get a better operating system support if they ever want to use keyboard based arrow and tab navigation capabilities.

Picture in Picture Display: The new Android O features picture in picture display. Now the users can get the multiple window in a screen. Moreover, users will watch the video in picture in picture display.

Predicted Brand Names for Android O

Apart from what’s coming with new OS people have argued about the name of Android O, basically what stands for “O”. Many have speculated different names, based on sweets and custards, for it as Google has always named its OS names based on different sweets such as Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Kitkat, Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread etc.

As different names and suggestions for Android O have been circulating on social media platforms. So, we have also prepared a list regarding the names of Android O.


Yes! Oreo tops our list as this name has been anticipated and suggested by many across the globe. Oreo, basically a cookie, which consists of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between.

oatmeal-cookieOatmeal Cookie

The second name in the list is Oatmeal cookie. We have put this name on the list because a tech website after viewing the code of Android O, discovered oc-dev mentioned a bunch of times in the code.

ozark-p[uddingOzark Pudding

The “O” in Android O might even be called as Ozark pudding. It is a dry fruit with nut custard often served with ice cream.


Google’s upcoming OS could be named as Oliebol, it is basically a pastry that’s deep fried, dusted with sugar, and filled with raisins.


Aside from all the above mentioned internationally made cookies or pastries, this Android O name is based on a desi sweet flatbread named Obbattu, which is popular in the South Indian States of India.

Let us see which one of these gets true or Google brings any surprise for all of us.