Increased use of mobile phones has given rise to an irritating experience for users where unknown callers, especially the telemarketers, become headache at times. You either have to block such unwanted guests or use third-party apps like TrueCaller to get rid of those spammers.

Google, the owners of Android OS, understands the issue and reportedly working on an in-built mechanism to block telemarketing callers with the release for its upcoming Android P. Users have discovered the mention of Enhanced Call Blocking – something that is supposed to stop telemarketers to disturb your peaceful moments.

The XDA Developers have found some new commits on ASOP that may enable Android P users to block calls from:

  • Unknown numbers
  • Private numbers (Number not disclosed by the caller)
  • Payphones
  • Any number that is not listed in user’s contacts list
  • Number that doesn’t have a Caller ID


If you are querulous about any difference or improvement from the existing feature included in Android Oreo, let me tell you that the current means of manually adding a number to block list will be taken up by Android P in-built mechanism working on set rules.

In other words, users have to set rules for Android P devices to restrict calls. For example, if you don’t want to take calls from anyone who is not on your contact list, the new OS got you covered. Though third party apps do the same but having full access to your contact list is something that doesn’t seem logical or safe choice.

It is also learnt that the Android P will also safeguard your smartphone against apps who want to access your phone’s camera and microphone without autherization.

Stay tuned to know more about upcoming Android P.