Google, the sole owner of the Android OS, has decided to cater for the user privacy as the next version of Android, dubbed Android P, will stop idle and malicious apps from hijacking phone’s camera or recording through microphone.

Although Android Oreo is capable of limiting many background apps to protect user’s privacy but the Android P will go further making it impossible for any app to secretly record anything by using camera sensors.

Android P – Improved Features

According to details spotted on XDA Developers forum, the Android P will restrict the background apps from using the camera based on an app’s User ID (UID) which is assigned to each app when they are installed on the smartphone. UIDs are unique for each app and do not change as long as the app is present on user’s device.

These UIDs can detect when an app is sitting idle in the background and can generate an error if an inactive UID requests the camera access. Android Oreo already requires the mobile apps to notify when they are actively using the user’s camera so the Android P is basically taking complimentary measure to ensure user’s safety.

Similarly, the Android P will also stop malicious apps from recording any audio secretly. When the app’s UID will enter the “idle” state (where background apps’ access to CPU and network-intensive services is restricted) the Android’s system won’t allow the app to record any audio rather it would capture just empty data.

As there is no hint when the Android P will be surfaced, we expect many more features to be leaked meanwhile. Stay tuned to meet Android P.