EyePlug Device

A new tech gadget, EyePlug Device, has been rolled out in Taiwan that is capable of capturing 3D videos and images from an Android smartphone. This device is powered by a USB port and can be connected to any Android-based smartphone easily after installing simple Android App.

You can adjust it to any angle while the device can be used as a rear camera as well as the front camera, thus you may use it as the selfie shooter as well.

As the device is first of its type in the market, at the moment, that is why it is not proficient enough to create a fully 360-degree angle video but you will feel a real 3D style video because of the advanced technology used by the developers.


EyePlug is Only for Android Devices

EyePlug is presently available only for Android smartphones and unfortunately iPhone users will have to wait for some time. It is learnt that the company is working on the project and after successful experimentation the device will be available for Apple Devices as well.

EyePlug comes with an Android application, which you can install on your smartphone to capture the photos or record the videos. Click the following button to download from Play Store.

Download EyePlug Device app from here.

Use EyePlug with Virtual Reality Devices

It is recommended to use Google’s Cardboard to experience the joy of the photos and the videos produced by the EyePlug device. Google Cardboard is a Virtual Reality (VR) device. It is one of the cheapest VR device available in the market.


At the moment, most of the features of EyePlug device have not been made public because of the continuous experimentation being take place to make it better and better. It is said that the device will be available commercially at the end of this year.

The amazing EyePlug Device is available for the price of just US $35.



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