The widespread use of internet has not only introduced an option for users to buy and sell products online but also provided a space for miscreants to carry out their fraudulent activities. However, the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has gone all the way to curb the activity.

The latest incident of an online fraud has been reported from Karachi where the FIA has arrested a gang of criminals who were involved in selling non-custom paid or stolen vehicles through OLX – online marketplace. The gang was apprehended from the Federal B area of the metropolitan.

As per media reports, citizen bought a car through OLX and visited the Excise and Taxation department for transferring the vehicle to his name. he was shocked when he came to know that the registration documents were fake and the department could not transfer the vehicle registration to his name. Moreover, the excise confiscated the vehicle.

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How to Be Safe on OLX?

Online fraud in Pakistan is a relatively new phenomenon, and sadly there are no proper regulations and laws in the country to control such crimes. However, here are some tips that can save you from trouble:

  • Never pay cash to the seller, always ask for a bank account number. Bank accounts are easily traceable and there are fewer chances of fraud if you involve banking channels.
  • Always verify the product documents before paying anything. In case of vehicles, you can use excise website and confirm the car or motor bike’s details. It’s even better if you visit the excise office before the purchase.
  • People often advise that don’t fall to lucrative and attractive offers. It’s tricky as sometimes sellers at online marketplaces put enticing prices due to some other reasons. For example, they want to sell it quickly to buy another product. So, do check out products with low rates, however, make sure to check the originality and follow the process with the presence of mind.
  • If you are buying a car, take a trained mechanic with you or hire some company dealing with verification of the vehicles. Don’t just concentrate on the body and mechanical parts of a car, do check out the chassis and engine numbers and look for alterations.

Be safe on OLX!