After the disastrous demise of Galaxy Note 7, it seems that Samsung has still to do a lot to get rid of ‘explosion incidents’. The latest report from India reveals that a Galaxy J7 caught fire mid-flight aboard Jet Airways travelling from Delhi to Indore. The incident created panic among other passengers but fortunately no causality has been reported.

Reportedly, a passenger Arpita Dhal was carrying a Galaxy J7 along with two other handsets in her purse. She noticed smoke coming out of her purse fifteen minutes after the flight took off and asked the crew for help. The J7 was found emitting smoke. Arpita’s husband told Hindustan Times that the fire extinguishers did not work, therefore, all three smartphones were placed in a tray of water for the rest of the journey. In the meantime, Jet Airways has confiscated the device for investigation.

The Jet Airways spokesperson said, “It was observed on board Jet Airways’ flight 9W 791 Delhi-Indore that smoke was emitting from a guest hand bag. Jet Airways crew immediately took charge of the situation, as also all necessary steps as precautionary measure, and as per the prescribed guidelines”.

On the other hand, Samsung India spokesperson issued a short statement, “We are in touch with relevant authorities for more information. At Samsung, customer safety is a top priority.”

Galaxy J7 Fate

Samsung Galaxy J7 is a budget smartphone launched in emerging markets including Pakistan having many variants released suffixing the year of release. It is still unknown that which variant of J7 met the unfortunate situation.

This is not the first time Galaxy J7 has come under the light for causing alarm, budget phones like these sometimes have to face such issue. Majority of the times there is an external cause of the explosion, which was unlikely in the case of Note 7 where Li-ion batteries were the cause of disastrous situation for the company.