Apple has brought the iPhone SE back to its online stores as a part of clearance deal. It seems that Apple wants to sell off the remaining stock of the discontinued smartphone with a bit of discount.

With the rise of larger screen size trend in the market, Apple stopped selling the iPhone SE back in September 2018. The device was considered one of Apple’s best iPhones due to the high end features packed in a small body at comparatively cheaper rates.

iPhone SE Clearance Sale

Apple is now selling the iPhone SE on clearance at a special price of $249 for 32GB and $299 for 128GB model. These devices come fully unlocked and with the same features as when they were first launched back in March 2016 including A9 Apple processor, Touch ID and the four-inch form factor. The device also supports a 12MP rear camera.

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Be noted that when Apple removed the iPhone SE from sale six months earlier, it was priced $100 and $150 higher than the current offering. However, the offer is only available to U.S. citizens on Apple’s US official website whereas the UK version of Apple’s website does not list the iPhone SE in its clearance section.