Apple has released tenth anniversary model – iPhone X for public use. We have seen people getting crazy for the iPhone X that belongs to them, answering all those questions of lethargic response for the iPhone 8. Although the latest iPhone is the most expensive smartphone on the planet but it seems that people were anxiously waiting for it.

The iPhone X has brought a number of alterations from the timeworn Apple and iPhone specific design and build. One of the most prominent is the removal of home button and people are curious to know how to perform some core functions without the home button.

Apple has released a 4 minute comprehensive video targeting all those queries walking through what is new in the iPhone X.

iPhone X Guided Tour Video

It is quite evident that you’ll have to swipe a lot while working with iPhone X. For example:

  • Swipe from anywhere to go ‘home’.
  • Swipe from the bottom and pause for a second to open multitasking.
  • Swipe at the bottom of the app to switch from one app to the other.
  • Swipe down from the top right corner to go to control centre.
  • Swipe up to dismiss control centre.
  • Swipe down from the centre to access all your notification
  • Swipe right to access widgets.

However if you want to activate Siri, you’ll have to speak out ‘Hey Siri’ or press the home side button for a couple of seconds. And to turn off the device, you need to press the side button and volume button at once.

The video also demonstrates the new functions of Face ID and tells viewers how to use it. It also tells you about the new stage lightning feature. To know more about the new iPhone X, watch the video yourself.