The success story of Apple’s latest product iPhone X goes on as it becomes the real challenge for the tech giant to accomplish the high-rising demand of the 10th anniversary model even carrying the highest price tag ever. Although Apple faced some production issues with the iPhone X because of the maiden appearance of edge to edge display and Face ID using 3D facial recognition sensor, but Apple took care of the production issues soon.

Moreover, Apple is expected to ship 25-27 million iPhone devices in 2017 and the demand will increase to around 40% in the first quarter of 2018. The stats reveal that the demand will remain high throughout the next year and Apple will be assembling around 100-120 million iPhone devices in the 2nd half of 2018 alone.

It seems that the success story of iPhone X forces the Apple to bring three new devices next year; this is what the latest gossip on tech blogs reveals. We are talking about the report published by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities that claims that Apple will bring three new devices in 2018; all having edge-to-edge displays and 3D facial recognition sensors like iPhone X.

Successors to iPhone X

One of the new devices, being the successors to iPhone X, will reportedly retain same size and shape. According to Mr. Kuo, the new iPhone would feature a 5.8-inch display with a density of 458 pixels per inch; similar to the iPhone X and likely to be named as the iPhone Xs.

Nevertheless, KGI Securities claims that the 5.8 inch panel not being enough for Apple, we would see a larger display as seen by the specification changes made by Apple in the past. Therefore, it is assumed that the other version iPhone X will be a supersized 6.5 inch model with the same OLED panel having pixel density of 480 to 500 pixels per inch. This may be named as iPhone X Plus.

It is evident that the high end features of both these devices will target the high-end market of 2018. If we consider the current price of iPhone X that enters in four figures arena of US Dollars for the first time in Apple’s history, we’d be rather saving more for the next year’s iPhone models.


Successor to iPhone 8

We think Apple is aware of the fact that the high price factor would render it to become affordable stuff for the masses. That is why the tech giant will bring the third model targeting the mid-range market capping the price around $650-$750. However, customers will have to suffice with an LCD panel instead of the OLED one and lower resolution as well.

On the other hands, the report claims that the successor to iPhone 8 will bring a larger 6.1 inch display with the Face ID feature instead of Touch ID. So it looks like that Apple is bringing the Face ID to all of its 2018 iPhone models and it may remove the Touch ID from all of its phones.

Our Say

The 3 new iPhone devices will help Apple to bring their iPhone devices with an edge to edge display to every class of people and sales are expected to grow even higher at the end of next year. However we don’t take the report in discussion to be the most accurate one. Now we just have to wait for Apple to come up officially to confirm these “innovative” phones for 2018.

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