Apple’s latest venture iPhone X pounded on all previous records of pre-orders in the history of company for its state of the art OLED panel and industry first Face ID feature. Although the thousand dollar price tag remained in discussion for a while but after putting on shelves, the most expensive smartphone sold like a hot cake.

Unlocked & SIM-Free Version of iPhone X

Here comes another fortune for those who missed the first chance to get the latest smartphone in their hands as the unlocked version of iPhone X has been made available for purchase in the US market. The device is offered with full support for both CDMA and GSM networks.

Earlier, if you wanted to buy iPhone X you have to choose one of the carriers from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. The latest development has now removed this very hurdle and you can get iPhone X in silver or space grey colour options.

Although there is no difference of specs or features, between the Verizon version of iPhone X and SIM-free iPhone X, however, you need to enter Verizon account credentials in order to make a purchase through it.

The unlocked iPhone X is considered helpful for those who do a lot of international travel or who like to frequently switch networks. When you buy iPhones with specific carrier plans, you are often locked into multi-year deal that makes it costly to use competing services.

However, buying an iPhone X with a carrier plan often comes with discounts or incentives, like the ability to trade an older for the newer version. The unlocked iPhone X with 64 GB of storage costs $1,000, which people will have to pay all at once as opposed to monthly installments like they would when buying a carrier-specific iPhone.

Pricing and Availability

If you are living in the US, it is quite simple to buy unlocked and SIM-free version of iPhone X. Simply go to Apple online store, select the option of buy without a carrier. Then select the storage according to your budget as it is available in 64GB for $999 or 256GB for $1,149. Choose your color, select payment method and you are good to go.


Unlocked iPhone Xs bought online can ship to customers as soon as Dec. 12. People can also order the unlocked iPhone X smartphones and pick them up from an Apple Store, which also sell an unlocked version of the device.