Apple is working on an inexpensive iPhone device dubbed as iPhone SE2; this is what we’ve been hearing from November last year. Although it was said that the iPhone SE 2 would be launched in early 2018 but recent reports suggested that the device could debut in June 2018 at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018 sported with the contemporary wireless charging features.

As a successor to the iPhone SE that became official in early 2016, the iPhone SE 2 is said to be a trimmed down and a cheaper version of iPhone yet ensuring the Apple’s standards of design and performance. A report surfaced last month claims that the upcoming SE 2 model may have an iPhone X-like design features with no headphone jack.

However, the Chinese microblogging website Weibo has revealed another possibility for the iPhone SE 2 in a hands-on-video that the device would have a glass back likely to sport wireless charging.

As the phone never turns on in this video, it is supposed that a dummy unit is being displayed thus shaking the reliability and genuineness of the leaked video. But if it is true, the device appears to have a well-desired headphone jack; contradicting the aforementioned rumor. Not to mention that Apple got rid of the jack with the launch of iPhone 7 two years ago. Isn’t it really surprising for Apple to start the past trend once again?

The video further reveals the rear of the phone having familiar text of ‘iPhone’ that appears on the latest generation of US iPhone models missing out the regulatory FCC logos. On the other side, the front design is identical to the current iPhone SE with the same Touch ID sensor, display, front camera layout and bezels.

As the official release has not been announced by Apple so far, we’ll have to wait until June for the WWDC 2018 to see the iPhone SE 2 becoming official.