There are news encircling tech blogs that Samsung is very near to bring the first ever foldable phone Galaxy X. it seems that Apple has also taken the cue and reportedly planning to bring foldable iPhone next year.

Interestingly a media report claims that Apple has decided to partner with another South Korean manufacturer LG rather than Samsung. It is worth mentioning that Samsung is the major seller of OLED displays to Apple making iPhones equipped with high tech screens. For instance, every iPhone X sale is expected to give Samsung over $100 from Apple.

Question arises why Apple has preferred LG than Samsung. We presume LG has great potential to work with flexible OLEDs so Apple is exploring a partnership with LG this time, leaving Samsung behind. Earlier, there were reports that since Apple has a vested interested in flexible OLEDs, it will be investing $2.6B in supporting LGs new plant. However, the deal has not yet finalized.

Well, how long will it take Apple to bring that ‘foldable iPhone’? Reports claim that it would happen not earlier than the year 2020. We come across nonstop speculations about foldable and flexible smartphones to be launched in the upcoming years but we haven’t yet seen any smartphone with flexible display till to date.

Now with the rumours that Apple is also interested in the same space, it is speculated that Samsung and LG will increase their pace and might come up with a foldable and flexible screen device quite soon. As soon as 2018.