Apple had been in the headlines in December last year following a report surfaced by founder of Geekbench claiming Apple deliberately slowing down performance of its older iPhones through an iOS update incorporated a year ago.

The major devices affected with that particular update included iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S initially. However, the performance of iPhone 7 performance also got affected as soon as it was hit by the same update.

Later on, the Cupertino based tech giant admitted the facts that it had been slowing down older iPhone’s performance intentionally to prevent unexpected shutdowns. However, the confession statement erupted the case and people rushed to the courts and filed at least 8 lawsuits against Apple alleging tech giant of misleading consumers and violating trade policies.

Apple considered it appropriate to issue a formal apology from its customers and promised a software update to clearly visualize the usage of battery. In addition, the tech giant introduced an offer of battery replacements with a price cut of $50, which makes the battery now worth $29.

Apple Starts Battery Replacement of Older iPhones

As of now, Apple has taken another initiative and recommended its stores to offer battery replacements for iPhone 6 and above even if a customer’s iPhone passes the battery capacity test.

According to a leaked memo by iGeneration, Apple’s store will be providing a $29 battery replacement even if a customer’s iPhone passes the test for measuring battery capacity.

CNET also reports that one of their reporters went for battery replacement to an Apple’s store, the retailers at the store suggested him to change the battery, even his phone’s battery passed battery capacity test with a ‘green’ result.

For those countries where Apple’s retail store and service centers are available, you can fix an appointment locally by following simple steps at Apple’s support page.

Are you the victim of Apple’s Battery Gate? Have you replaced your battery at the discounted rate?