Apple is all set to start shipping of the tenth anniversary smartphone iPhone X in less than 10 days from now despite fear of shortage in the first week sales. But the brand is buzzing the market with news concerning recent models of the iPhone.

As we have reported earlier that iPhone 8 did not meet the expectations of Apple in generating the same demand like its predecessors enjoyed over the years. Folks reported showing more interest for the iPhone 7 instead; mainly because of lower in price.

Apple’s New Strategy

Apple has taken an interesting step to increase sale of iPhone 8; at least till the time iPhone X comes to the shelves. The company reportedly stopped selling the 256 GB variant of the iPhone 7 with immediate effect.

This leaves customers with no other option but to buy a 32GB and 128GB iPhone 7 or the 256GB iPhone 8.

It was revealed by Mashable in the recent post when they spoke with an Apple customer service representative, who confirmed that the company no longer directly offers a 256GB iPhone 7.

Even with these measures, there is no hope of iPhone 8 revival. But this does not matter for Apple a lot because from November 3rd the era of iPhone X is going to start.

Be with us as we will update you with every single progress in this regard.