How to backup Facebook Account

Facebook, the largest and the most vibrant social media app, has an interesting feature – most of the people unfamiliar with – that allows users to download and back up Facebook account data on their computers.

Facebook stores each and everything you entered while being on their page, if you don’t know let us explain in detail.

What Facebook knows about you?

Profile Information: The data contains your profile details such as your name, previous names, relationships, education, registration data and even your relationship and work history.

Contact Info: All of your contacts with their phone numbers and email address including their activity of sending/receiving SMS and making calls are tabulated on Facebook server.

Timeline: Everything you shared or published on your timeline leaves a spot in your history on Facebook.

Status and Media: Every photo or video that you have taken, uploaded or have been tagged in on Facebook plus every status that you have uploaded with the corresponding device’s IP address is all over here.

Messages: All your activity on Facebook Messenger is recorded with time and date including your friends’ names.

AD Data: Facebook even stores information about what it thinks are your interests as well as a list of all ads that you have clicked via Facebook.

People Unfriended: One particularly interesting bit is that Facebook even stores the number and list of all friends that you have removed ever since the creation of your account.

How to Download

Now you know that what data is stored on Facebook server, even those things you might have forgotten are there. We’ve made a quick guide to show you how you can download all such data on your computer:

1.    From your profile home page, go to ‘Settings’.


2.    Under ‘General’, click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’.


3.    Facebook will redirect you to a Download page, click on ‘Start My Archive’.


4.    You will then be asked to enter your password in a prompt for security purposes.


5.    Finally, Facebook will prompt you to confirm your request. Click on ‘Start my Archive’.


6.    Your Facebook data will now be sent to your primary email address on Facebook. This process may take 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your data.

7.    Once your data has been prepared, a .zip file will be sent to our email that contains your profile information and activity in .htm files and your media in appropriate formats.

8.    Good luck backing up your Facebook information!


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