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Keyboard is the integral part of a computer or smartphone/tablet. Communication on a smartphone without keyboard is really a big torture. Smartphones come with default keyboards, but sometimes these cannot meet your expectations and you need any other keyboard for fast typing or additional features.

Keyboard is also one of the most important app you select from a security point of view, as keyboards are used as keyloggers from the hackers. You really don’t know what kind of information is being stolen from your smartphone with the help of these keyboards. It is something that you should keep in mind if you’re checking out a keyboard that you know absolutely nothing about.

There are tons of keyboard applications available on Google Play Store. Finding a keyboard that fits you and your lifestyle can be a bit daunting. We are suggesting you 5 best keyboard apps for Android smartphones. You can download them for free from Google Play Store or the links given below each application. Let’s have a look.

swiftkey1. SwiftKey

If you ask me, I can tell you SwiftKey is my ultimate choice for my smartphone. I have changed many smartphones but SwiftKey remained with me on all Android smartphones for faster typing. It can work in a traditional manner and you can type by using swiping as well.

SwiftKey allows you prediction option which makes typing easier and faster. Predicting the words from your post messages, swiftKey suggests what you are going to type next. The prediction method of SwiftKey, called the “Fluency Engine,” has made it the keyboard that many users and editors alike keep coming back to.

SwiftKey has been pre-loaded on millions of devices over the years, including on flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S4. While SwiftKey used to be a paid app, the keyboard itself went free in 2014, instead having its users pay for themes only.

Download SwiftKey

swype2. Swype

Like SwiftKey, Swype is also very popular in Android market. It is also well-established, respected and feature-rich keyboard. Swype allows you to swipe out words or whole sentences. It also supports typing in two languages at once, for bilingual users.

It uses a glide method for typing. What you need to do is to slide your fingers across the letters you want to type and let them type. The slide feature is now very common in every android keyboard but Swype is the pioneer and has its own unique features.

It helps you in auto typing and auto spacing. Swype has a dictionary which gets updated after specific interval of time enabling you to type faster. Swype offers a free version, but the full version costs a dollar only, while you will have to pay two dollars apiece for additional themes.

Download Swype

google-keyboard3. Google Keyboard

A few years ago, the Google’s in-built Android Keyboard was considered to be sufficient for Android users. Even after so many competitors in the market, Google Keyboard is proudly standing to compete anyone.

The Google Keyboard is completely free and supports gesture typing for both individual words and entire sentences, having a bunch of languages and a modest choice of themes.

Google’s keyboard still has a little way to go on the text prediction, but it does learn from your typed data across Google’s apps and services.

The Google Keyboard employs Google’s own text-to-speech engine for voice dictation, and the many advancements in voice recognition made for Google Now and Android Wear over the last few years have benefitted this keyboard greatly.

Download Google Keyboard

fleksy4. Fleksy

Fleksy is one of the fastest and auto correct keyboard app for fast typing. It does not enable you the swiping option, even then it is fast and accurate. It has a unique feature to make keyboard invisible. Typing with invisible feature actually works amazingly with accuracy.

Fleksy comes with more traditional customization options like a fifth row for numbers and support for more layouts than your standard QWERTY and DVORAK. Another interesting addition to Fleksy is the badges and rewards system that encourages users to master the keyboard and its features.

Fleksy is not a cheap keyboard, though they do offer a 30-day trial to decide if it’s worth the $1.99. After paying for the keyboard, most premium themes are also paid, including licensed themes like Frozen and The Hunger Games.

Download Fleksy

touchpal5. TouchPal

TouchPal is not as familiar as the above mentioned keyboard apps are, but a few useful features have helped it stand out and get over 10 million installs.

TouchPal keyboard is an always-free keyboard with a paid theme store and paid cloud syncing. However, while you can pay for premium themes, you also have the option to simply upload your own background image and make your own for free.

Thre unique features of the TouchPal which make it more popular include the dialogue between the developers and the beta community, swiping from the backspace to delete the last word and swiping the space bar up to access the emoji drawer.

Download TouchPal

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