A couple of months ago, WhatsApp introduced a handy feature enabling the users to delete embarrassing messages sent mistakenly from the recipient’s end. However, the recent report suggests something worrying as those deleted messages are still alive on WhatsApp and can’t really be removed completely; especially when someone has already quoted the text you want to purge.

Deleted Messages are Still Alive on WhatsApp

As we know the WhatsApp Delete Feature has some known limitations – for example requiring the latest version of WhatsApp on both ends and not being more than 7 minutes old. However, the Next Web has found another loophole that was hidden so far; that is deleted messages from group chats may appear if those have been quoted by someone else in the chat.

To understand in simple words, suppose you have deleted a message within 7 minutes time that you sent by mistake in a group chat. However, a friend of yours was quick enough to quote your words resulting in an embarrassing situation for you.

You might be feeling free of mind but one of your friend sends back that message to you and the story continues. That is because of a bug in WhatsApp Delete feature that needs to be fixed.

The screenshot below will help you understand better as the original message was successfully disappear but the deleted text continues to show in the recipient’s quote:


As of writing, WhatsApp has not commented on this issue so far but we anticipate they might have started working on the remedial action by now. So be careful while writing something on WhatsApp that needs deletion afterwards.

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