How to Book Train Ticket Online – Pakistan Railways

Here comes good news for people of Pakistan who travel through Pakistan Railways that they can book train ticket online. Yeah Book Train Ticket Online in Pakistan Railways.

According to details Ministry of Railways has introduced e-Ticketing system for their passengers. It means there is no need to stand in long queues at railways booking office for hours; you can book the seat of your choice from your home, office or anywhere from Pakistan with an ease.

The Federal Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique, has officially inaugurated the e-Ticketing system. Commenting on this new service, the Minister said that the people can make an online booking and can make the payments to UBL Omni. In response the passengers will get the message on mobile and same will be treated as a ticket.

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First Phase

Under first phase, the e-Ticketing facility is currently launched for Lahore-Rawalpindi section and Green Line Train from Islamabad to Karachi and back.

Payment Method

Once successfully booked, the passengers can make payments through credit/debit card, UBL Omni or UBL Mobile Account. Upon successful transaction, the passenger will receive an SMS with all details. Remember the SMS will be your official ticket. Do not delete the SMS.

How to Book Train Ticket Online

Let us now share the entire process step by step.

Step 1

Register yourself on Pakistan Railways website (for those who have not yet been registered), otherwise go to step 3. Click here  to create a free account by providing your full name, mobile number, email and CNIC number. You can create a password of your own choice. Click Submit button after entering capche code and having a tick on terms and conditions.


Step 2

You’ll be prompted to verify your account with Pakistan Railways in two steps. A code will be received through SMS on your mobile number and an email on your email address. Enter the code on the account creation page and follow the link provided in email to complete your verification.


Step 3

Upon successful creation of account, Click here to start your booking. Login to your account and select your start and end station with departure date and click Book Now. (E-Ticketing facility is currently available from Lahore to Rawalpindi section & Green Line Train)


Step 4

Now you’ll be provided with the information of trains and seats available for your journey. Select the train, class and available seats as per your requirement and click on Book Selected Seats at upper right corner.



Step 5

Provide the mobile number on which you’ll receive confirmation SMS (authority to travel). Provide details of passenger(s) by selecting adult/minor, name and CNIC number. Carefully read two Note Boxes on upper and lower section of the window.


Your selected seats will be on hold for 4 minutes only. So provide your details in time and proceed for check out.

Step 6

Select payment options from crdit/debit card, UBL Omni or UBL Mobile Account. You’ll receive the order ID valid for next 2 hours. If your payment is not received in stipulated time frame, your booking will be cancelled and the corresponding seat will be re-opened for other passengers.



Step 7

Once all the above steps are successfully completed, you’ll receive an SMS from Pakistan Railways confirming your booking details.

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  • Sajjad Hussain

    How one can book the departure and return tickets both at the same time? Currently only one direction tickets can be booked and return tickets has to be booked by repeating the same process after the payment of the first tickets are confirmed. Which is very time consuming.

    • You are absolutely right. Let us hope that Pakistan Railways will take notice of this issue and facilitate customers to book return tickets as we do for air services.

  • tahir nisar

    Sir pleace you can tell how to get my refund amount. After cancellation of ticket. I payed fare by credit card. so how to get my amount back ?