Following the government of Pakistan’s decision to impose taxes on bringing more than one mobile phones into the country, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has officially announced the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for those who wish to travel and bring mobile phones to Pakistan.

Be noted that the rules listed below are applicable to the individuals traveling to Pakistan while the usual trade channels have their own. Furthermore, the SOPs have been made available on Customs desks at the International Arrival terminals across the country.

The CAA defines the entire process to bring mobile phones to Pakistan:

  • One phone can be registered without any duty.
  • Phones on roaming need not to be registered and passengers won’t need to pay duty on those handsets.
  • Phones to be used for less than 30 days in Pakistan are exempted from registration and duty/taxes.
  • Phones used or activated in Pakistan before 1st December 2018 are also exempted from registration and duty/taxes.
  • Duty and registration services are available at all international airports as well as custom houses across Pakistan.
  • No phone will be confiscated while the device is being evaluated for duty or being registered.

The authorities have also confirmed that a single person can bring maximum of five mobile phones to Pakistan in a calendar year. 

If you want to know the exact duty rates for the mobile phone you wish to bring to Pakistan, go through the following article.