Samsung released a duo of Galaxy known as S8 and S8+ that was warmly welcomed by Galaxy fans being the most innovative flagship devices by Samsung ever with OLED panels and iris scanner. Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a top selling product that broke all pre-orders records in South Korea and China.

Camera Bug Reported for Galaxy S8

Like other flagship devices of the year, Galaxy S8 also faced some issue but the recently reported camera related issue is first of its kind. Some of the Galaxy S8 users are reporting about a camera bug that is causing trouble for phone’s camera to focus on objects.

The issue is an irritating one for the Galaxy users and most of them expressed their anger on different blogs and forums saying that the S8’s camera was trying to focus on objects but failed again and again.

More worriedly, the issue is being reported with both the factory installed camera app and the third party ones like Snapchat or Messenger. The issue persists if you even try to use manual focus.

A blurry shot was taken by an S8 user. Posted on Samsung’s official thread.

Frankly speaking, one may not expect such a hectic behaviour from a flagship device like Samsung Galaxy S8. Moreover, images and videos play an increasingly important role in the life of a smartphone user. Can you imagine the feelings of a person trying to shoot an important photo but the camera is not going to focus?

Samsung Suggests Troubleshoot Hints

It seems that Samsung has felt the pain as we’ve come across a thread at Samsung’s official forum discussing this same issue. Moreover, the company acknowledges the camera focus bug reported by Galaxy S8’s users and listed some important steps that users can follow to troubleshoot the problem at their own.