Apple has come up with the most innovative and the most expensive iPhone in the line-up, that is iPhone X – the tenth anniversary model. The device was unveiled more than a month ago but it did come into users’ hands on 3rd November.

The iPhone X is power packed with many exciting features complementing its new design and cool outlook. The all-screen display is the prime feature of iPhone X that necessarily eliminates the physical home button from the front. Apple has released a small video describing all those new features of the device for us.

Well, the hard-core fans of Apple still think that removing the home button is not a wise decision whereas others appreciate it to bring a little change from timeworn design features.

How to Add Virtual Home Button?

We are here to share with you a little trick that would bring a virtual home button for you on iPhone X. just follow these three steps:


Step 1: Enable AssistiveTouch

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch and enable the feature from the top. Home button will be enabled.

Step 2: Customize AssistiveTouch Menu

Tap on the Customize Top Level Menu. A wheel of options will show up when you press the AssistiveTouch button. The usual options like Control Centre, Siri, Home and Notifications will show up. Add more icons or change the behaviour of an icon by tapping it.

Step 3: Customize Icon Actions

You can choose what happens when you perform a single tap, double tap, long press or 3D Touch the AssistiveTouch icon. You can put most important actions here and let go off the menu altogether. For example, a single press can direct you to Home, a double press can open Multitasking, a Long press can open Control Centre and a 3D Touch can pop up Siri.

That’s all; your on-screen Virtual Home button is ready to use. However, we suggest to play around to get familiarize with the new Home on iPhone X.