Following the recent increase in fares by Uber, another ride hailing service Careem has also announced revised rates for Careem rides across Pakistan for its entire range of services including Business, GO+, GO, Riksha, Bike and GO Mini.

Careem Pakistan justifies the new hike in its pricing by saying that the same became necessary due to fluctuations in the cost of staying on the road. The ride hailing service has notified its customers by sending an email that reads:

We are revising our fares on Riksha, GO mini, GO, GO+, and Business car types. These changes are a direct result of fluctuations in the cost of staying on the road. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Revised Rates for Careem Rides in Pakistan

In its most recent message, Careem has suggested the users check the updated rates for different car types in the help section of the mobile application.

Navigate to ‘Help’, ‘What are Careem’s rates?’ and choose your city from the drop-down menu at the top right to see the new rates.