Careem Pakistan, the ride-hailing app available in major urban areas of the country, has announced price revision on different ride categories following multiple fuel price hikes over the past one year. However, the revised prices are announced only for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

According to Careem, the petrol prices have gone up from Rs. 72.5 to 81.5 in the last six months duration. Despite increase in fuel price, Careem carried on with their original prices that proven beneficial for customers but Careem Captains were left with razor thin margins.

A careem Captain said, “If it weren’t for the bonuses on completing a set number of rides per week, I wouldn’t break even.” An other Captain appreciated the decision by saying, “It’s a long overdue step.”

In an email sent to customers, Careem Pakistan said:

With multiple fuel price hikes, there has been a direct and indirect impact on our Captains’ cost of doing business. Captains are the driving force which enable safe, affordable and comfortable mobility for customers.

In light of the above, we have implemented a cost adjustment in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to ensure your Captains continue to serve you while fostering their livelihood. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and continue to provide a reliable service.

Revised Rates for Careem Pakistan

Careem Charging Karachi Lahore Islamabad
Go Starting Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 85
Mnimum Rs. 100 Rs. 99 Rs. 100
Moving (per km) Rs. 10 Rs. 9.98 Rs. 9
Waiting (per hour) Rs. 253 Rs. 260 Rs. 240
Go+ Starting Rs. 110 Rs. 130 Rs. 130
Mnimum Rs. 250 Rs. 180 Rs. 200
Moving (per km) Rs. 12 Rs. 11 Rs. 17
Waiting (per hour) Rs. 275 Rs. 360 Rs. 330
Business Starting Rs. 160 Rs. 200 Rs. 160
Mnimum Rs. 250 Rs. 250 Rs. 250
Moving (per km) Rs. 23 Rs. 11 Rs. 23
Waiting (per hour) Rs. 370 Rs. 360 Rs. 370
Tezz Starting Rs. 15 Rs. 15 Rs. 35
Mnimum Rs. 49 Rs. 59 Rs. 75
Moving (per km) Rs. 15 Rs. 13 Rs. 8
Waiting (per hour) Rs. 75 Rs. 120 Rs. 200
Bike Starting Rs. 30 Rs. 25 Rs. 30
Mnimum Rs. 50 Rs. 40 Rs. 50
Moving (per km) Rs. 5 Rs. 4 Rs. 4
Waiting (per hour) Rs. 200 Rs. 250 Rs. 250