While everyone agrees that the ride hailing apps like Uber and Careem have a positive impact in terms of generating employment and providing another option in a country where local transport systems are still fairly undeveloped, there have been rising complaints about surcharges and peak fares.

Careem Pakistan, currently operating in ten cities of the country, has taken a right step to diminish the label of ‘peak fares’. The company has now unveiled monthly packages for frequent travellers offering them with a discount upto 15% as compared to regular rates.

The details shared by the company reveal that the Careem Pakistan Monthly Packages will not only save money in terms of bulk discount but also allow users to get rid of ‘peak surcharges’. It means you’ll be charged at regular pricing with extra mileage in your wallet.

Careem Pakistan Monthly Packages

Currently, Careem lets you buy three kinds of packages with different prices and distances for the Go Plus service only. For the 100km package, users can save up to 5%, while the 200km and 400km packages will bring a discount up to 10% and 15% respectively.

Ride in Kilometres Charges in Rupees
100 2,400
200 3,520
400 8,100

The latest move by Careem will surely attract daily commuters by creating a kind of membership club to get priority in terms of charges. Of course, this doesn’t let package buyers get priority in terms of the availability of rides but it does create a distinction.

For Careem, it’s an expansion in their business model that takes away the criticism of ‘peak fares’ and gives them the opportunity to profit from unused credit, apart from its per-ride revenue.


Comparing Costs

This is a comparison drawn to highlight how much you will save on a per kilometre base if you avail the 100 km, 200 km and 400 km packages.

5 km 8 km 10 km
Careem Go Plus Average Charges Rs. 132 Rs. 210 Rs. 263
Charges for 100 km Package Rs. 115 Rs. 184 Rs. 230
Charges for 200 km Package Rs. 86 Rs. 137 Rs. 172
Charges for 400 km Package Rs. 101 Rs. 162 Rs. 202

So as you can see, the savings are there. Careem Pakistan Monthly Packages are worth considering if you are a regular user. Download Careem app for your Android or iPhone device.