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Jazz, the largest cellular operator in Pakistan, is all set to bring an innovative service to Pakistan directly competing with WhatsApp and WeChat like platforms. It will be the VEON app offering Chat like Facebook, Messages/Calls like WhatsApp, Content Sharing and some other unique services yet not known. According to details, the mobile based platform, […]

Google is always there to introduce unique and innovative features for their subscribers keeping them safe and secure online. To make your data, apps and smartphone more secure, the tech giant introduces Google Play Protect for Google Play Services 11 or higher. It does not sleep and actively scans your device day and night. Users […]

If you remember the FM Radio was an essential part of a smartphone in previous years but now we see the manufacturers have skipped this utility for one reason or the other. We think the manufacturers don’t want to add any built-in hardware to catch and work with the FM transmission for the sake of […]

WhatsApp, the preferred instant messaging app for millions of people worldwide, has just rolled out another update enabling users to share all file formats. Earlier, users could only send audio, video, documents, images and GIFs file but now users can share any file type using WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp has barred the size limit on how […]

Daewoo Cab is the new member of the famous Daewoo family; well known for its bus service. The service was introduced to facilitate Daewoo customers offering pick and drop service from their homes to Daewoo bus terminals and vice versa. In its initial setup the Daewoo Cab service was offered through the Daewoo helpline number […]

Cinema was the only entertainment medium for public till early 80s when TV and VCR took over the show. Even then watching movie on a wider screen has been a fantastic experience for years. In older days it was a horrifying practice to get movie ticket of your favourite movie; especially on movie premieres and […]

Facebook, the largest social media platform, is rolling out new tools in India preventing the misuse of user’s Profile Picture. The new feature is being rolled out in response to multiple complaints lodged by Indian users stating the numerous safety and privacy challenges that they face with their social media accounts. The new feature named […]

Google Play Store is undoubtedly the largest app store on earth with millions of apps and billions of users. As Google, the owner of Play Store, does not offer guarantee or authenticity of the apps being developed by anonymous developers it becomes more vulnerable than its competitor – the Apple App Store. Although Google claims […]

Qibla is a very common Islamic term that means the fixed direction towards the Ka’bah in the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It’s the direction which all Muslims face when performing their prayers, wherever they are in the world. Google comes into play using their latest technology in helping Muslims to locate Qibla direction […]

Smartphones have revolutionised our study habits in a way that we have an access to a newspaper, a magazine or a book right from a 5 or 6 inch screen in our palms. The advanced technology has also made its way to target the spiritual and religious factor as well. We have seen quite a […]