How to change your Facebook Ad Preferences
How to change your Facebook Ad Preferences

Facebook, the social media giant, has recently announced that they will start showing ads regardless of whether you have an ad-blocker or not. In response, the Ad-Blocker Plus updated their plugin on very next day to block new ads by Facebook.

However, most of the users don’t have Ad-Block so ads can get frustrating, especially when they are irrelevant to you. Today we will tell you how you can have full control over Facebook ads without Ad-Blocker.

You might not aware of but a lot of information related to you is shared on Facebook and it is in turn used by Facebook to show you ads that they think are relevant to you. But does Facebook really know you? Do you think Facebook has all the right information regarding you to display relevant ads? Now you can find out.

Personalize Facebook Ad Preferences

To view or change your ad preferences, follow the following steps (click the images to enlarge):

  • Open Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Ads from the list of different settings on the right.
  • Select the last option which says “Ads based on my preferences”.
  • Click on “Visit Ad Preferences”.

You can now view your Ad preferences, based on the information they have collected over time. Other than that Facebook also shows you the list of advertisers who have your contact info which can be used for targeting ads.

You also get the option to remove the preferences just in case you don’t want to see the ads related to them. Just hover the Ad and click the cross appearing on the right corner. The specific category will be removed from your Facebook Ad Preferences.

It’s good to see the social network is giving some level of control to its users over what type of ads they get. Clearly, it is not possible that all of the Facebook’s 1.7 billion users will update their ad preferences but the option is still there if you want to change you can do it now.



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