How to charge Smartphone without Electricity

Once there was a time when you have to search for an electricity source to charge battery of your mobile phone or digital camera before leaving your home or office. The whole scenario would get more irritating when the battery drained out in a place where there was no electricity. But technology gets moving and new inventions are there to facilitate us. Today we are going to share an idea how to charge smartphone without electricity.

You’ll be surprized to know that you can enjoy hours-long unstopped smartphone or camera usage even in a remote area or desert. You need not to worry about battery of your gadget or digital camera at all. Doesn’t it sound amazing!

Solar Paper

Let me introduce you with your portable charger – Solar Paper. It doesn’t require you to plug into any power outlets! Just be out on the porch or on the beach, while the ever-so-good Sun provides your phone a little charging!

The Solar Paper, the product of Yolk Electronics, is the lightest and thinnest solar charger available in the market today. It can charge almost any device with the help of a USB cable, such as your smartphone, laptop, tablets, walkie-talkie, camera or even your gaming console.

Designed as a flat plate of solar panels, Solar Paper can charge your smartphone in about 2.5 hours on a sunny day, that’s almost the same time your traditional charger or power bank takes!

How to use?

Keep it on the grass or hang it on your backpack while you drive through the highway, just with the help of holes on the sides of the panel. You can use a holder/connector to stick it to your mounting place, as you like it. With a thickness of just 1.1cm and measuring 19x19x1.1 cm when folded, it is really easy to carry in a backpack or a handbag.

You need not to worry about sudden rain that would not damage your portable power house. That is because of an IP54 water resistant grading on the solar panels. It is recommended to ensure complete dryness so that the USB ports continue to function properly.

If you want to charge your laptop, just add more panels without any additional wires. The panels come with magnets on each side making it easier to attach as many panels as you require. Generally, a single panel is sufficient to charge a smaller device like a smartphone.

Solar Paper also comes with the auto-reset feature. This feature makes you enjoy your time without worrying about resetting the device every time a cloud passes over your charger.

The Solar Paper comes with a small LCD screen that helps you to see how much power is actually being transferred from it to your device.

How to get?

You can place an order for Solar Paper by visiting the official webpage of Yolks.


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