Telecom sector has experienced a tremendous increase in smartphone usage with the introduction of 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan. This growth has given rise to the mobile scams resulting in illegally smuggled devices with higher price tags but no warranty or after sales service.

When you visit mobile phone market, you’re not quite sure whether you’re buying the genuine product or not. At least, for the markets like Pakistan where unauthorized dealers are selling stolen or smuggled devices, it becomes more significant to save your money and buy genuine product.

More importantly, to avail warranties and after sales service, it is very vital to purchase genuine product through genuine dealership. We understand, not every single customer is smart enough to verify the genuineness of the product on one’s own.

Check Nokia Authenticity

It is Nokia Pakistan that has solved the issue and started an SMS service in collaboration with Advance Telecom to verify every single Nokia smartphone available in the market. The service assures you to confirm if your device stands eligible for a 100% warranty claim or otherwise.

The procedure has been kept quite easy and simple. You’ll have to text IMEI number of your Nokia smartphone to 8797 using one of the following formats:

  • nokia<Space>IMEI
  • nok<Space>IMEI
  • NOKIA<Space>IMEI
  • nokiaIMEI

In response, only the genuine products will receive an SMS confirming genuineness of Nokia smartphone and validity of 100% warranty claims.

Isn’t it a helpful service by Nokia and Advance Telecom?