You might be familiar with free WiFi offered in different public places like airports and hotels but a Chinese company aims to make free WiFi available for everyone across the globe. Doesn’t sound it awesome?

According to media reports, Linksure Network – a Chinese firm founded in Shanghai five years back is working on to provide free WiFi service all over the world with the help of 272 satellites.

The first satellite of the series, named Linksure No.1, has already undergone the assembling phase and due to be launched next year from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China’s Gansu province. Moreover, the company plans to complete the mission of launching the whole bunch of 272 satellites by the year 2026.

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Linksure Network tends to overcome the main hurdle for providing free WiFi for the places like oceans and deserts where infrastructure facilities cannot be installed. The entire series of satellites will enable the people to browse and avail internet services through their mobile phones in regions not covered by telecom networks.

As per the United Nations data of 2017, 3.9 billion individuals remain unconnected to the internet. Hopefully, this will not be the case by the next few years. However, it needs to be mentioned here that Linksure Network is not the only company that plans to provide free WiFi through satellites but companies like SpaceX, Telesat, OneWeb and Google are also working on the same lines.