As we grow ever more reliant on smartphones and tablets for our entertainment, the board game culture has started to disappear from our lives. ‘Ludo’ has been a dice based game that remained popular in masses for long but the advancement in technology has transformed almost all such indoor games to mobile phone screens. So is the case with ‘Ludo Star’ – an Android and iPhone based mobile game that has taken over our lives.

The Ludo Star has become an addiction and gained vast prominence in Pakistan and India. The game allows users to play with Facebook friends and throw that virtual ‘chakka’ (dice) alongside a healthy dose of nostalgia explaining its viral popularity.

Just as Pokemon GO and Fidget Spinners, it has been at the centre of memes and other jokes as well. So it’s no surprise that Ludo Star has been downloaded millions of times to date.

Controversy of ‘Halal’ or ‘Haram’

If you are a Ludo Star enthusiast, you might feel disturbing to know that an unknown cleric Raja Zia ul Haq, claiming to be the CEO of a youth club, has come up with a video message on YouTube talking about the Islamic legality of the board game.

He says that he has received hundreds of questions from people asking whether the Ludo Star is Halal (permissible in Islam) or Haram (forbidden in Islam). He further claims that all scholars consider games of such kind to be Haram. Finally, he concludes his point view with a hadith.

The Prophet (SAW) said: “Whoever plays with dice, it is as if he were dipping his hand in the flesh and blood of a pig”

You can watch the video down below for yourself:

Since then, a social media debate is in full swing on the latest time-waster of the day. Diverse opinions on the topic reveal that some are actually supporting Raja’s claims whereas the others seem to think otherwise. They say that the Hadith being quoted does not fit in the context as there is a dice but no actual money involved so there’s no reason for it to be Haram.

What do you think about the topic under discussion?