Islamabad High Court approached with a petition by civil society to temporarily close Facebook in Pakistan till blasphemous content is fully and permanently blocked. The petition quoted media reports about blasphemous content on Facebook and other social media websites that are accessible in Pakistan.

Petition cited Chairman PTA, who had given a statement before the Honorary Court earlier this month, that they had closed the pages of blasphemous material whereas such material in the form of writings, sketches and videos is still being posted on Facebook continuously against the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), his wives (Azwaje Mutaharat) Suhab-e-Kram and Sacred book of Quran-e-Majeed as well as God Almighty.

Petition further said that Chairman stated that it was not feasible to block such material unless it was informed and indicated by the public sector that new pages had been opened. Chairman PTA was quoted as saying that it might take about three weeks to close blasphemous pages as they did not have sufficient equipment to do the job.

Petitioner said that if PTA is unable to close the pages within reasonable time (as it may take few weeks to do it), it is beyond the patience of the Muslim Umma because it means that blasphemous pages and IDs etc would stay online.

Petitioner, in the view of above situation, pleaded with the honorable court that until PTA ensures the blockade of all blasphemous content and until it does so, Facebook and other social media websites should be closed.

  • willberrytowing and machanical

    facebook should be closed permanently it supports on line abuse harassment and illegal content and also sharing illegal data to law enforcement without consent around the world these activities are illegal the post itself should be deleted so should the ip address from the poster directly facebook should be held completely liable for it content if they dont block ip addresses and it contents they post this is data theft with out consent this breach of all privacy acts around the world illegal content should be band to level of also including ip addresses from the posters as well so they cant continue to use facebook period facebook is full of fake accounts and news posts this is illegal on other laws standards this being supported by facebook by not removing and banning fake accounts and there ip addresses removing these posts dont stop the fake accounts from using an other name and another profile there ip addresses of there devices and computers should be block permanently class action law suit should be sort after facebook for allowing this intrusions of privacy and the online abuse which directly contributes to deaths around the world due to the content they allow to stay on it they are directly responsible for there deaths reporting doesn’t stop this abuse removing some content dont stop the abuse it time they held accountable under the criminals laws that say they have duty of care to the public to protect them and report crimes facebook do not report crimes to police and should report it all policing dont just stay on the streets it the law is heavily involved online it time for police to act laziness is no longer an excuse to ignore this illegal content facebook should be charged for withholding evidence that supports criminal activities facebook are not above the law and should be held accountable for their actions or should i say lack of it