Apple is right to say the iPhone X as the ‘phone of future’ because of its seamlessness! The smartphone has been warmly welcomed by the masses even for being the most expensive one. It is also fact that its higher price tag gets disappeared when you get involved in the extraordinary features of the 10th anniversary model; especially the sensor housing at the top of the display.

Notch – the Chinese Version of iPhone X

We all know the Chinese factories for providing ‘cheaper’ and more useful alternatives to the individuals that are short on budget. Here comes Boway, a Chinese manufacturer that has unveiled the clone of iPhone X known as Notch.


Not to mention that Boway is sited in the Hangzhou province of China which is specialized in manufacturing printers and cutting-edge machines since 1965. The company has released ‘Notch’ as its first gadget in the world of consumer electronics.

Since its launch, Notch has grabbed the attention of market for being the true copy of iPhone X and expecting even more marketing push. To do that, the company has hired two famous Chinese celebrities to advertise the gadget.


The Boway Notch is simlar in terms of looks but it certainly lacks major iPhone X features like the facial recognition. The Chinese brand of iPhone X is also equipped with fingerprint scanner on the back; the missing feature of the the original iPhone X.

The Chinese OEMs have also tried clones of other famous high-tech smartphones in the past like the ones of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix. It should be kept in mind that these clones resemble in general appearance but not the features of the original ones. If you are a ‘quality conscious’ geek, the Boway Notch might not become the alternative of iPhone X for you.


Pricing and Availability

Although the exact price of Boway Notch is not confirmed at the moment but keeping in view the trend of previous clones, it is expected to bear a price tag of around $300.

What do you think about this Chinese clone of iPhone X? Let others know.