If you need faster internet with freedom to stay connected wherever you are, then check out the Jazz 4G WiFi device. This is because Jazz has become “The Tez Tareen Aur Behtreen Data Network” and we recommend you to have a test and real 4G feel.

Gone are days when people only used to stay connected at homes. Now you can talk to your dear ones, stay connected to business etc. with Portable Jazz 4G WiFi Device. So stay connected always!

Jazz 4G WiFi – Pricing

Jazz 4G WiFi device is available at an economical price of PKR 4,500 on all Jazz outlets across the country. Buy Jazz 4G Wifi device and get 25 GB free data for 1 month.


How to Configure Jazz 4G WiFi Device

You may control and configure Jazz 4G WiFi Device by any of thr three methods listed below:

Through Web Portal

  • Follow this link to access web portal of Jazz 4G WiFi Device
  • Type ‘admin’ in username and ‘admin’ in password section to access device configuration
  • To reset your device click Setting -> System -> Restore Defaults -> Reset

Through Mobile Portal

  • Follow this link to access mobile portal of Jazz 4G WiFi Device
  • Tap Upgrade or Downgrade as per required plan
  • Subscriber will be shifted to new plan after expiry of current plan.

Through Mobile App

The Jazz 4G WiFi Device can be managed directly from the mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. All basic settings of the device can be changed through the app as well.

Offer Details

Bundle Recharge
Data Volume Recursive Grace Period
Monthly Basic99974515GB Yes 6 Months
Monthly Regular1,5001,10536GB Yes 6 Months
Monthly Heavy2,5001,87575GB Yes 6 Months

New Sale Offer (Child Offer)

(After First Month)

Precautions While Handling the Device

  • Use only original and authorized accessories. Unauthorized accessories may affect your device performance.
  • Do not expose your device to moisture or water. Handle carefully. Do not drop!
  • Use your device with a Nano SIM card only. Do not try to insert SIM card of any other size as this may lead to damage the SIM slot connector pins and might render your device useless.
  • Avoid over charging, especially all night charging of the device is not recommended.
  • Do not open and touch the inner area of your device as it may affect your device performance.
  • Keep the device out of children’s reach. Your device may cause injury if used as a toy.
  • Do not touch metallic parts of your device as they may become hot when the device is working.

Terms and Condition

  • Data SIM has been included in the device box. The price plan of Data SIM included with the device is valid for data sim.
  • Biometric Verification is required for activation of the Data SIM.
  • 25 GB bundle will be automatically provisioned after BVS verification on new sale.
  • Validity of the bundle is one Month.
  • New Sale bundle will re-occur after 30 days @ 1500PKR/Month.
  • LTE Wi-Fi devices are available under connection category in EFICS.
  • PAYG browsing is not allowed on this data price plan. Users have to purchase broadband bundles to access internet.
  • Overage rate of Rs. 0.30/MB (inclusive of tax) will be charged after bundle is consumed during bundle validity.