The evolution of mobile phones has replaced feature phones with smartphones starting from early 2000s. At present, smartphones are getting bigger in size day by day. Especially the ‘Plus’ versions come with giant sizes making it difficult to operate the devices single-handedly; the Apple oriented iPhones are no exceptions.

Apple has taken an initiative in the right direction by introducing a user-friendly feature in the latest iOS update. There comes a small compact hidden keyboard that lets users enjoy their large sized smartphones with a single hand. The new feature is really impressive, as on bigger screens it will allow you to reach to the entire keyboard with one thumb.

Apple has made the latest update available for all those users who are eligible for iOS 11 update having screen size from 4.7 to 5.5 inches. The new feature allows the user to easily switch between standard keyboard and one-handed keyboards and also change the default settings.

The ‘One-Handed QuickType Keyboard’ makes it possible to shift the original on-screen keyboard to the right or left edge to type more comfortably with a single hand.


How to Configure One-Handed QuickType Keyboard

To enable this user-friendly feature, one must have to add multiple keyboards by tapping on Settings > General > Keyboards.

Long press the globe/emoticon icon located on the bottom left side of the on-screen keyboard


Select one of the three keyboards that suits you among ‘left corner keyboard’, ‘standard keyboard’ and ‘right corner keyboard’.


Once selected, you may return to the default keyboard settings at any time by tapping the arrow sign.


If you want to make the one-handed keyboard as the default one, just tap on Settings > General > Keyboards > One-Handed Keyboard

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