With the expansion of faster internet and smartphone availability, new and unique services are emerging to facilitate public in travelling and doing their routine jobs.

Like Uber and Careem, a new delivery service “Couch Potato” has been launched in Karachi and Islamabad. They claim to have become Pakistan’s first delivery app in the shared economy/ on-demand space.

What is Couch Potato

Couch Potato aims to pioneer in a previously untouched market here in Pakistan by providing a seamless means for people to do their everyday delivery related jobs, with a mobile app that connects them with a rider.

The service is meant to help household members who are usually caught up in doing the day-to-day delivery related tasks, win back some of their time by getting someone else to pick up the dry-cleaning, get the groceries or even deliver something to a customers’ home.

They are geared towards home to home, shop to home and office to office package deliveries at the moment but are expecting to expand quickly with a range of similar services.

Their motorbike riding crew, or heroes as they call them, are freelance workers similar to Careem drivers and are spread out in the hundreds across Karachi and Islamabad.

Couch Potato claims their riders will be available in under 15 minutes in most areas of both the cities and are set apart from other delivery services because of the way they operate.

Salman Wasay, CEO Couch Potato, explains by saying, “We want to empower the people of Pakistan to use their time more efficiently. With our app we hope people can spend more time doing meaningful things, like being with family, and less time on the mundane day to day tasks that they aren’t required for. In addition, our service will benefit thousands of young aspiring entrepreneurs around the country to work as riders.”

How to Use Couch Potato

Visit their official webpage or download their Android or iPhone app. The app is built as a peer to peer technology by a very passionate team. To them, the internet is magic and allows sellers and buyers to share services and conduct trusted transactions over smartphones in a way never before possible.

The following video explains everything:

Future of Couch Potato

For being the pioneer in the field, Couch Potato is keen to attract people and build confidence among general public. The app will provide a good chance for youngsters to become “heroes” and to get handsome money.

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