The Holy Month of Ramadan has started; to be followed by the Eid-ul-Fitr – a day of religious celebration for Muslims around the world. A very large number of people commute from one place to another in order to celebrate this occasion with their loved ones.

The transport companies expect a good ‘season’ this year not only because of Eid-ul-Fitr but summer vacation have also been started – another occasion when people flee to their native towns across Pakistan.

The transport service is a nasty business in Pakistan, where companies try to surpass their competitors by providing lower prices or better quality services. Though Daewoo is nowadays struggling with the latter owing to increased demand.

Also, with bus services like Royals express that promises very cheap prices where a person can travel from Lahore to Islamabad in Rs. 1, it is hard to sustain clients with minimum budget.

New Fares of Daewoo Bus Service

Amidst all this crazy traveling scheme and never ending heat, Daewoo Bus Service has announced a reduction of Rs. 300 on all classes of Daewoo Bus from Lahore to Rawalpindi and vice versa.

Following are the new prices for Daewoo Bus Service for the Lahore-Rawalpindi routes:

  • Gold Class: Rs. 1,300
  • Premium Class: Rs. 1,100
  • Regular Class: Rs. 1,000

The revised rates can be availed from May 29th till June 18th.