Apple unveiled their latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus along with the new iOS 11.0 last month but the user feedback around the globe hints about an alarming situation for the tech giant. The 8 Plus is reported with a number of cases of bulged battery causing the phone to split apart. On the other hands, the iOS 11 is also reportedly causing battery issues.

iPhone 8 Plus Splits apart

A series of complaints have surfaced social and main stream media mentioning the iPhone 8 Plus gets split apart. The initial reports came from China and Taiwan but now people from other countries including Greece, Canada and China shared the similar issue.

A woman from China reported that her iPhone 8 Plus cracked open during the charge. Within 3 minutes of charging, the screen of iPhone started to bulge and then it cracked open. This happened in the first week of the phone usage.

In response, Apple’s spokesman said that the affected phone had been replaced and an investigation of the issue had already been started.

It must be quite satisfying for Apple that devices are getting split apart but there is no news of battery getting exploded or catching fire; like we have seen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year that became a nightmare for the South Korean tech giant.

Apple has a history of denying the facts; when iPhone6 Plus was reported with bending issues, Apple diplomatically said, “With normal use, a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus.”

Likewise, when Antenna issue occurred in iPhone 4, in which signal strength of the phone went low while holding it, Apple responded by saying that either grip it differently or buy one of the available cases.

However, it is quite early to decide the fate of iPhone 8 Plus at the moment. We hope Apple will take a necessary measures to counteract and resolve the issue if it is not being reported in bulk.

iOS 11 Causing Problems

Apple released the new operating system iOS 11.0 that reported causing troublesome for users on the second day. In response we have seen two updates; the recent being the iOS 11.0.2 that was meant to solve the issues that iOS 11 caused in general, but instead of solving those issues, the new update seems to create even more.

According to some users, the iOS 11.0.2 is causing severe battery problems. It suddenly drains battery without any reason and the overall battery life is a lot lesser than the iOS 10. Moreover, the new iOS is causing some performance problems as well which is affecting millions of users. Some users are pointing out that reverting to iOS 10.3.3 solved their problem which confirms that the problem is on the software side.

A lot of people used Twitter to share their user experience. Here are some examples for you: