The Facebook owned WhatsApp has launched a feature enabling users to delete WhatsApp messages for all, if sent mistakenly or might become embarrassing at any moment later. The feature, however, allows to delete such messages if it is done within 7 minute time.

Today we are going to share with you another trick that will enable you delete any message that is 7 days old. Yes, you heard right; not 7 minutes but 7 days!

In fact there is a little bug in WhatsApp that can delete a week long old messages. We don’t know whether WhatsApp knows it or not. However, if it is the bug, it may be fixed in next update or so.

How to Delete Week Long Old WhatsApp Messages

Let us go step by step to delete 7 days old messages:

  • Switch off both Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Go to Settings > Apps and select WhatsApp
  • Tap on it to open and then select Force Stop


  • Move to Date & time option and disable Automatic date & time (if enabled already)
  • Set the date so it matches the day you sent the message you want to delete


  • Open WhatsApp and find the message you want to delete
  • Tap and hold on it and then choose Delete > Delete for Everyone
  • Switch on Wi-Fi or mobile data,
  • Go to settings > Date & time and enable Automatic date & time
  • Go back to WhatsApp and find the message
  • It will be labelled with “This message was deleted”

Remember, you can delete any message by using this method but not older than 7 days.