Don’t Carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on PIA Flights

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued an advisory to their passengers not to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their flights, domestic or international.

The official statement issued by the national carrier says, “In view of recent reports about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, and the international warnings to airline passengers not to carry this smartphone during flights, PIA passengers are also strongly advised not to carry it, not even in their check-in luggage, as it may compromise aircraft and passenger safety.”

The aforesaid advisory was issued following the reports that number of Note 7 devices exploded during charging. It even burnt a jeep in one instance when phone exploded and put the vehicle on fire.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not yet been officially released in Pakistan, moreover there is no in-flight charging facility available for passengers to charge their phones in PIA flights.

PIA isn’t the only airliner that has banned Note 7 on flights, earlier UAE, India, Australia and various other countries banned the usage of Note 7 devices on all national airlines.

Samsung Statement

Samsung has already warned their customers about the reported incidents and even delayed the launch date of Note 7 for other markets including Pakistan. The company’s statement is quoted below:

Samsung is committed to producing the highest quality products and we take every incident report from our valued customers very seriously. In response to recently reported cases of the new Galaxy Note 7, we conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue.

To date (as of September 1) there have been 35 cases that have been reported globally and we are currently conducting a thorough inspection with our suppliers to identify possible affected batteries in the market. However, because our customers’ safety is an absolute priority at Samsung, we have stopped sales of the Galaxy Note 7.

For customers who already have Galaxy Note 7 devices, we will voluntarily replace their current device with a new one over the coming weeks.

We acknowledge the inconvenience this may cause in the market but this is to ensure that Samsung continues to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We are working closely with our partners to ensure the replacement experience is as convenient and efficient as possible.



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