Easypaisa, one of the largest mobile banking network in Pakistan, has suddenly suspended their flagship service, Virtual Debit Card, for unknown reasons. Those cards were widely used for online shopping and other internet based purchases. The service was quite popular among youth who want a quick and easy way to do online procurements.

Although Telenor Bank, the owners of Easypaisa, are quiet so far about the reasons of service suspension but it seems that it happened under the instructions of State Bank of Pakistan. The obvious reason may be the fact that a Microfinance bank has certain limitations as far as the online payments are concerned, particularly the virtual debit card services.

Easypaisa Suspends Virtual Debit Card Service

ProPakistani quoted Ms. Subal Naqvi from Telenor Bank’s Corporate Communications division as saying,

“Easypaisa App users who had generated or were using their Virtual Debit Card were inform that the service would no longer work if they used their card online.”

We have also tried to create a Virtual Debit Card by using Easypaisa app but the request got returned with an error message displaying on screen as “COMMUNICATION_ERROR”. When asked from the Easypaisa helpline, the rep confirmed the suspension of the service.


Fraudulent Use of Service

The experts believe that such services could be abused in many ways. As the account holder had an option to create unlimited number of debit cards with any two being active at one particular moment. In simple words, the customers could create card, use it and then delete it an unlimited number of times.

One example of such abuse may be a scenario where customer buys postpaid cellular service online with the virtual debit card and then deactivates or deletes the card just before the company gets billed.