Smartphones with AMOLED are getting popular and gaining more and more market shares; though there are only a few manufacturers in the competition at the moment.

Things have been changed in favour of AMOLED for the last one year period as users prefer the latest technology over the previous LCD panels.

No doubt, the latest generation of AMOLED technology has introduced a number of best displays in the market. One of the biggest advantage of AMOLED lies in its wider range of temperature sensitivity as the panel performs equally well from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius range. Meanwhile, AMOLED consumes less power and displays clearer image that can also protect your eyes.

Feeling the pulse of market, another player has entered the field. This time it is Elephone that has decided to bring AMOLED panel for its upcoming flagship device – Elephone S9. So, no matter if you are in cold North Pole or a hot tropical region, the Elephone S9 will accompany you with its full power.

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